We have been proudly offering our handyman services since we started in 1997, including: relocation, assembly, repairs and other services for homes and commercial clients. We have always believed that no project is too small; even for those assembly tasks involving different home products usually described as "easy to assemble".

We have been helping people in pressure washing, painting, electrical works, plumbing, garage door installation, the installation of garage door openers and assembling and repair of different products. Our experienced personnel 
have also been very helpful for people who need help when relocating. FixitTony prides in having professionals who can assemble and repair almost anything you can imagine of including furniture, treadmills, pool tables, sheds, basketball systems, toys, home gyms, trampolines and other outdoor items.
We offer in-house installation if you are having problems assembling anything you just bought from your local retailer. Throughout the years we have been in business, we have grown by providing installation and delivery services for different national brand retailers serving clients all over New York. Our experience has helped us become a leading handyman service company in NY. We are the people who consumers talk to when they can't figure out how they are going to assemble different products even after reading the assembly manual. 

You don't have to return anything simply because you don't have the patience, the energy or the time to assemble it. We can dispatch our handymen to your house to assemble whatever items you need help with. We assure you that we will get the job done quickly and accurately to your satisfaction. We will correct any issues reported to us within 30 days at no charge.